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Insurtechplanet was launched in June 2018. We strive to be a neutral ground for all those concerned with innovation in the emerging insurance industry. We strive to connect insurance companies, brokerages, agents, senior and middle managers and industry activists with startups, idea owners, innovative businesses and technology owners

One of our priorities is to help grow startups whose businesses add value to the insurance industry. We are ready to invest in businesses that have attractive business models to implement in the insurance industry.

Discovering the problems in the insurance industry, and finding creative ways that lead to the emergence of new business models and agile businesses in the industry, is something that comes from working closely with insurance professionals. We are interested in drawing up a contract, signing an agreement,  joint venture and defining a project to provide practical solutions for companies, brokerages and insurance agents.

Our Services


Planet has a variety of models for investing in startups. Our filters for reviewing teams on the Plant Arbitration Committee are, first, having a primary product and, second, having an attractive business model for the insurance industry.

Innovation consulting

Planet is ready to help you, as one of the key players in the industry, to take more effective steps in the field of innovation by using a wide range of innovation consultants.

Defining innovative projects

There is an agile formula for finding solutions, designing business models and creating new insurance products and services. Insurance companies can prioritize their issues, sharing them with us and so, we can build teams based on these issues and strives to achieve a business model in the form of defining an innovative project in partnership with the insurance company.

Education (Planet Academy)

According to the needs discovered in the insurance industry, various training courses have been held in Planet so far. We are also ready to design special training courses for you according to the declared needs of insurance companies.


There are always a variety of teams and startups in the plant portfolio. These teams need investment at every stage of their development. At Planet, we look forward to working with investors who are interested in working in the insurance industry.

Develop innovative insurance products

We can create and design innovative products, based on the problems discovered due to the activities of brokers and sales representatives in the market atmosphere.

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